Wednesday, April 4, 2007

In the Haze of Season VI

I figured it was about time I got my act together and start putting some notes down about all the trivial little things I do throughout the year to make tick...

As it stands, has just wrapped up it's 6th season with a fairly high degree of success (not trying to brag here, but we did pretty damn good!). The new team service trailer (caravan) rocked, adding to the team's image and providing a ton of exposure for the program. The Nordic Event Tour provided new opportunities and the team won at every level. Overall, every promotional component fired on all cylinders and when the smoke settled (a few days ago), the team and its sponsors were happy and in the end, that's all that really matters!

For you newbies out there that may want to know more about the Program...check out the website ( - it should fill you in on the big picture. It's not the easiest concept to grasp (or explain for that matter) but overall, think of it as a Nordic Sport Marketing Program. I'll leave it that for now...

In 3 days, I'll be stepping on the plane to Panama, to let my brain recover from the busy winter. I'm mentally and physically exhausted, I sick of snow and honestly, all I want to do is escape from this addictive computer and surf, surf, surf and of!

So, you may think that with 3 days left I should be excited, no? Well, as a ski racer, the end of the season means you can finally take a breather. However, as the program director, you spend a full 2 weeks writing reports, sending thankyou letters, photos and other promotional paraphenalia to sponsors...not to mention all the equipment inventory, expense reports, and my all-time favorite, the wonderful tax report!
Ok, enough procrastination...back to work...

3 days left.

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