Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's TR Time!

Ski season is over...and although I'm still taking advantage of good snow coverage after one of Canmore's best winter, I'm looking forward to seeing the snow disappear so I can tackle the trails once again!

The 'Team' era ended with a great week of racing at the Canadian National Championships, held at Whistler Olympic Park in Callaghan Valley, BC (site of the 2010 Olympic Games). The team claimed five podiums over the course of the week as well as the Open Men's aggregate title! I couldn't have asked for anything more...

Our last day at Callaghan Valley, BC - over 40cm of snow fell, making waxing a bit of a challenge! Full stories and photos at

It hasn't been easy to 'let go' of the racing program - But like all good things, I feel like it's time to move on... Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments, accolades and encouragements - and above all, to the Team members - who I've shared some great years of racing...Good luck in your future goals!

Change is good. Change keeps things interesting, and for me, the next six months will see many new changes to the world of and to my own lifestyle...I looking forward to it!

So what now...

It's time to RUN!!! Yep, I'm psyched to get back in shape and get myself ready for the TransRockies Run, which will take place later this summer from August 25-30th! After a great experience at last year's event, I have high expectations...That said, I'll need all the help I can get as I raced the least ever this past winter. But, the upside to my 'poor' fitness (ok, maybe not so, so bad) is that I've never been as motivated to train as now - a definite plus at this time of the year! As far as I'm concerned, getting back to 'race shape' won't be the challenge, staying healthy and injury free will be the biggest hurdle to overcome.

Check out the TR-Run video, it's a bit cheesy but has some pretty good scenes from the event!

Either way, it's time to get outside and start putting in some major volume hours because I plan on racing my brains out this summer. As for the rest of my daily hours...My workload as the TransRockies (Bike Event) operations manager is in full swing and keeping me more than busy. Another exciting project that I'm involved with is the new Salomon Flight Crew Trail Running Team...check out for some cool updates here. And of course, I'll continue to plug away at the 'new' program details and get set for winter 2008-09. Another busy summer...

So stay tuned for lots of training updates throughout the summer - It's going to be a fun ride!

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