Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nipika Trail Run Report

Nipika Trail Run Report - This is it...

In the meantime, here are some photos...Thanks to Gudrun Pfluger for the great shots!

Owner Lyle Wilson, doing his thing!

I figured I would lead the 10k boys through the tight single-track as it's always hard to get around in that stuff!

I know, I know...Nice socks! Better get used to seeing them on this guy, because they work!
Before...Sabrina Harper, took the half in style...

After...but not before crashing in the final kms of the run - Ouch!

A group of runners file up the banks of the Kootenay River

Meanwhile...A little further up the valley, Parks Canada was busy, busy playing pyro!

The 'perfect' fire!

View from Sinclair Pass (Hwy 93)

Nipika, the morning after...


Holly said...

Good grief - thank goodness it wasn't smoky when we were running!

Norma Bastidas said...

Now, with all honesty, do the socks really work. i read that they are great for the day after as recovery but for running races it was a 50/50.


Phil said...

I actually feel a difference when I where them. It's not a night VS day difference, but enough for me to want to where them. Salomon's 'Exo Calf' version aren't socks, they only support from the ankle up. I also own a pair of 'regular' compression socks I got from a local health store. I've worn both of them for travel, as well as training, and I even where them at night sometimes to help with recovery - and really believe they benefit my body. Most compression sock companies have proven benefits between 5 and 15% in performance! Although I'm skeptical about the 15% boost, I think that 5-8% increase in performance from muscle support and increased circulation is very realistic - and I'll gladly take that gain in races anyday!

Trail Goat said...

Hey Phil,
We haven't met, but we will at TransRockies this year. I'm running with Martin Gaffuri, who ran with Glen Redpath as a Salomon squad "Wings of Glory."

Anyway, I recently published a post about compression recovery clothing on my blog: http://blog.irunfar.com/2008/07/dressed-to-compress-extra-skinny-on.html . In comments to the post, Holly and an "Ian" let me know that they've seen you in the Salomon Exo Calf and then passed along your blog address. I was hoping that you could stop by and let folks know what you think about the Exo Calf and/or the other Salomon compression clothing.

Thanks and see ya at TRR,