Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stage 2: Up and Down

Leadville Closeline (photo credit: Dan Hudson)

You know you’re high when you’re looking down at the Peaks…

Stage 2 was a grunt – a good grunt, but a grunt nonetheless. The 10 miles of steep up/and technical down were covered in just over 1 ½ hours by UK’s Saab/Salomon Team, who narrowly beat the Nike/Rogue Valley Runners at the line. Team Salomon US took 3rd about 9min back…Our Canadian Salomon Flight Crew Team leap frogged all day with the other Team Salomon US, getting nipped at the line for 5th overall in the day approx 15min back of the lead. Just to put things in perspective…When Dennis and I crested over the pass in just over an hour, we could still see the lead teams about 2-3min in front of us! The good news for us is that we finished well ahead of 2 teams that beat us yesterday, meaning that we’ll move up a spot (or two??) in the overall rankings!

Control Station 2 at the top of Hope Pass (12,500ft) - Equipment had to be hauled up by mules! And I'm not joking...(photo credit: Dan Hudson)

The quick finishing times means that we all get a few extra hours of rest before tomorrow’s 20+ miles of trail running – Our stage 2 Camp is located in Leadville, CO – At 3,100m, it’s the highest town in North America…I’m not quite sure if one can actually ‘recover’ at this altitude...The more I think about it, I’m pretty sure my body is deteriorating as I sit here – I think I’ll keep that thought to myself for now…

Baker Field - Camp life at 3,100m! (photo credit: Dan Hudson)

As I sit here hanging out under the Salomon tent, everybody seems to be enjoying the chill time, soaking in the sun and enjoying a few post-race bevies. The great thing about this event is that the sponsors are very involved and proactive in doing as much as they can to improve on the ‘experience’ of the TR-Run. Gore-Tex has this cool little blow -up arch with beach chairs and foot (bubble) massage laid out under it. Salomon has a gaggle of lawn chairs under four 10x10’s, with a great selection of drinks (anything from Rock Star to water to beer), snacks, sandwiches and recovery potions. There’s a shoe drying station, a mobile fire pit (built by Salomon for the evening activities), and not to mention all the daily swag give-aways. All this equals GTs (Good Times).

For the remainder of the day, my job will be to recover as quick as possible. After today’s 6 mile steep downhill, my legs are going to feel it tomorrow! My ‘old’ recovery practices are coming back into play and are a necessity in this event. Upon arriving to camp, I showered, hopped on the massage table, stretched and quickly changed into my compression ‘outfit’ made up of the Exo calves and tights. Although I feel a bit silly hobbling around in my flashy red compression apparel, if there’s anywhere I can where this outfit and get away with it, it’s here!

Updates from the Canuck Crew:

Top marks to the Beaver Hunters (Bruce/Andrew)…These boys rocked - cracking the top ten and coming in as the second Canadian Team!

Aerobic Power’s Fewster and Masters also cracked the Top 10, crossing the line in 1:53ish…

Banff's Leslie Gerrein was very happy with her day today, finishing 5th (?) in her category - Leslie's motto is "Lots of fun and lots of photos!" Check out her blog - Banff Trail Trash - for more photos...

Canmore's Tannis Forrest and partner Jess Donoghue (Team Jeta) rocked it again finishing 2nd today in the Open Women's Category.

Track West (Scott Manktelow and Greg Jackson) were really happy with the way they climbed the beast of a hill - Greg's injury seems to be holding up pretty well despite the hard downhill today. A good sign for the rest of the week.

Here a few photos courtesy of Dan Hudson (http://www.danhudson.ca/) - thanks for the pics Dan!

Stage 1: BV highlights


Rhythm said...

ok!! faaaack you dude-I never had any foot baths last year!!!!! lol.
love ya man. keep killing it!!!!!!!!!

so stoked for you guys-this is really cool. Tell Skagg I said hi and I'm working on the ultra fashion still....I'm thinking of flying down for the after, after, after party!!!

T. said...

where did you get your Exo calves? I can't find them anywhere here in the states!

Super impressed with your race so far...still reading:)