Saturday, November 8, 2008

Donde Esta El Snow?

Ok, maybe my spanish still needs a bit of work...

I won't brag about my time in Mexico (amazing surfing!!!) but will only say that I'm recharged and ready to get after it!

Snow...Where did it all go? Here I was roasting down South with tales of winter storms plaguing the homefront coming through the wire...Only to come back to some cool days and crisp nights. I'm not impressed.

Either way, I've got enough work on my plate at the moment that (the lack of) snow is the least of my worries...However, I'm actually happy to put on the runners one last time before the snow flies. After 3 weeks of limited cardio work (although if any of you have ever tried surfing, you'll agree with me that it will leave you feeling wrecked after a good 3hr session!), it's nice to get the legs turning and rebuild the fitness in anticipation of winter. With no racing team to manage, I'm actually looking forward to getting a few more events under my belt this year...time to start training again!
Next stop for this guy...Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City for a tour of nordic retailers...then it's off to Silver Star for some early season skiing and something new: a coaching position at the Silver Star Masters Camps - I'm actually looking forward to the change in scenery...

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