Saturday, June 6, 2009

Back on Mountain Time

There's just something about the mountains that makes me tick...

I'm just back from a quick stint out on the East Coast where Salomon introduced the Spring/Summer 2010 line-up of footwear and apparel. I wish I could spill the beans and show pics of all the cool stuff that's coming out'll just have to wait. Just trust me...(If you want a sneak peek into the new gear, I suggest you join the 'Salomon Running' group on FB - once in a while, some gear news/photos tends to 'leak' out to the public)

Can't go to the East Coast without indulging in a little lobster!

Despite the long days looking at shoes, we still got out to stretch the legs. From left, Eric, JP, MJ and the Scott-ehs get off the road in Point Pleasant Park.

Now that I'm back at the ranch, it's time to get the legs tuned to mountain time again. There's a big race next weekend called the Canmore Challenge - and some of Canada's best mountain runners are headed this way! They'll be duking it out for a few select spots on Canada's World Mountain Running Team. As for this guy...I'm just hoping that my hamstring hangs in there for the duration of the race! Although heading to Worlds wasn't necessarily my goal, raising the level of my fitness for this race was - I wish my objectives were different, but that's life I suppose-

Instead, I'll crank up the volume and switch my focus to the PowderFace42 next month - If all goes well between now and then, I want to try to break my course record and go under 4hrs...I'm optimistic, but that doesn't mean squat when you're running in the mountains.

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