Saturday, March 20, 2010

Advance Week Day 5: Mellow Days

The calm before the storm...

After a week of beautiful blue blazer days, the rain is headed our way, just in time for the Trail du Ventoux - nothing like adding a bit of mud, snow, rain, slick rocks and potentially snow to a mountain that's already going to make life difficult for a few hundred runners...close to 1,200 to be more precise!

Chess anyone?

Vino to Ventoux...Sunday's Trail du Ventoux will zip by a few vineyards before heading up via the summit of Ventoux, then back down, and hopefully for a bit more vino (to celebrate - having survived in my case!)

Funky knobbly fat tree...aching to be climbed!

This puppy went up in 1704...was used to hold about 200 prisoners in the mid 1700's, burnt down in the late 1700's and rebuilt. If only those walls could talk!

Thought this guy was pretty cool (on left) I hung out for a while.

Race entries anyone? Just part of the trail running 'circus' out here this weekend.

Just in case you missed the wall of flyers outside, here a few more 100 entries to satisfy your recycling needs for the year...

Sunday's 47km course profile, which I've just heard is reduced to 38km...You can check out the course

The Gripmaster doing a photo profile in the Sandman - who just won the Atacama Crossing...Just a few of the personalities hanging out at Advance Week...

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Sunshine Girl said...

Pick me up an entry for Tor des Geants!!