Monday, March 29, 2010

The (Training) Plan

The coffee machine just purred...I think it's calling me. I need another cup anyways.

At this time of the year, I'm usually contemplating a trip down South to recharge my batteries by the water. I'm tired. I can feel it. It's been a long and busy winter with a ton of travel. But something is holding me back...I'm not so sure anymore - I can't stop thinking about this running thing, weird I know.

The official Death Race countdown has begun...D-Day is only 4 months away (yikes!). I suppose it's time I put some thoughts on paper, or as some of you may refer to it: a training plan.


Maybe it's because I followed a VERY structure training plan for the better part of my life that the thought of following a 'plan' once again has me cringing. It's not because of the workload, it's more about the discipline required to follow it. I started following some higher level of training structure at the age of 14, and kept the pedal to the metal until I was 29...With 1 month off a year (more or less), the mental strain adds up and eventually, you simply can't do it anymore. Then again, I suppose you could argue that I've had 8 years off since my 'retirement' and potentially ready for more...?

So maybe it's time I tried it again...Besides, 4 month of following a plan...sure, I can do that. Why not.


The upside to this past lifestyle choice of mine is that I have gained 'some' knowledge of general training habits, or more so, about my own training habits (good and/or bad), and what I need to do to - not only get to the finish of DR, but to challenge for the win. Oh, yeah...did I mention I wasn't doing this for S&G's? I suppose that this alone is reason for the need to follow a training plan. I'm sure I can train, get fit, and do well. But to train, get very fit, and win...well that's an entire different beast.

OK...4 months to go...(gulp!)

One more coffee and then it's time to go for a run, and think about this training plan.

The last strip of skiing left at the Canmore Nordic Centre - It's kind of funny skiing around the CNC these days...Aside from the yellowing man-made snow, it's brown everywhere else! But if you're eager enough to get up in the early AM, then skiing is actually very good and fast.

Now this on the other hand, is great skiing! Mt Shark had great skiing last weekend during the annual Sharkfest. Not bad for end of March criss-cross skiing!

What's on tap? I registered for the Diez Vista 50km in Port Moody, BC. Call it the excitement of coming back from France, call it fear of not having done an ultra yet (or ever!), but I need to do this one, more for mental reasons than anything else - Not sure how 10 days of prep will show up on the results board, but hey - I'm sure it will be a great workout regardless...


Norma Bastidas said...

to cross the finish line first. to have your name on the top of the list for ever on 2010. If you have the potential of winning, something that not everybody does, but you do, why wouldn't you work your butt off and train to win. Now that I know that's what you are doing I will stalked you to make sure you are spending all your awake time training.

Phil said...

HaHa - Thanks Norma!

Theatrics aside, I fully intend to make DR my #1 focus. We always train to do our best, whether that best is to finish in the middle of the pack, or at the top of the podium, if we can look back and say: "I gave it all I had" - then what more can you ask for.

Then again, a little poke once in a while to make sure you're on track doesn't hurt either!

Great job in Atacama - despite all the obstacles! Looking forward to following your next adventure.


Norma Bastidas said...

that's more like it.but what was i thinking, like you are capable of NOT been competitive! i do have to say that I am looking forward to my next adventures ( mt Mckinley and badwater) so i can take a break from the training, if that makes any sense. You are gonna ROCK

rumon said...

Nails, mate; will be rooting for you. If you need a pre- or post-race (DV) VanIsle style sojourn, you just say the word.

Jude said...

i loVE your spirit!
Anything less your best is a waste of Energy.

Phil said...

Love it...

Rumon - thx man! I'd love to make the jump across the creek and visit the Island again...unfortunately, it will be a quick in/out for this guy - Going off the grid for a few days to recover following the race. But I'll be back!

Jude - thx for following - Just noticed that you're headed to DV on the weekend as well...A fun adventure, oh and race too! See you there bright and early - I'll be the funny looking, Exo clad coffee drinking weirdo standing beside a big redneck truck w/ Alberta plate ;)


Jude said...

*lol... ill be the jumpy coffEE drinking weirdo with the white toque trying to stay warm, standing by the hippy VW westy... see ya there!