Saturday, May 1, 2010

Planes, Trails and Priorities?

Now where was I...?

I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks since DV50 - Time flies when you're having fun (or travelling too much!). I suppose that having been away from home 12 out of the past 21 days doesn't help either. So much for having a quiet spring...

Training for Death Race has been going relatively well, despite all the travel thatis. Either way, it's definitely time to crank it up a level - More volume and more intensities are on the menu! But, the reality of the situation is that as much as I would like to make training my priority, like you, life and work commitments often take over as priorities - that's just the way it we deal as best we can.

(Instead of coming up with excuses as to why I haven't posted more regurlarly),
I thought it might be interesting to give you an inside glimpse at my training log over the past 12 days, to see how I've adapted my training while on the road (work)...It may not always be pretty, but I've tried my best to get the job (training) done, in and around my hectic travel schedule. Hold on I go!

Phil's Training Log: April 21-May 1, 2010

Wed April 21st: 2hr road run including 8X3min
Location: Canmore (home)
Notes: Hooked up with a few of the Bow Valley Harrier Crew after work for a great interval session. Picked a fast/flat section on the Bow River path and pushed the body every more and more so I would max out on the 7th and 8th interval. Long warmdown helped pad the volume.

Thur April 22nd: 1.5hr mtn bike ride

Location: Canmore
Notes: Legs still feeling heavy from yesterday's interval workout so I decided to hit the mountain bike to switch it up, plus it will give me a bit of a rest for tomorrow's travel day. Unfortunately, it started raining immediately upon starting - and poured the entire time. Ugh...that was a wet one.

Fri April 23rd: Travel to Toronto + 45min night trail run
Location: Canmore - YYC - YYZ - Hamilton, ON
Notes: Picked up my rental car at YYZ and drove to Dundas Valley Conservation Area (just outside Hamilton) to check out the 5 Peaks course. The sun had long ago set below the horizon so I cracked out my trusty AY-UP headlamp and cruised the trails amidst the critters starring back at me. Made for an interesting loop!

The masses collect near the start of the 5 Peaks Race in Dundas Valley Conservation Area

Sat April 24th: 1.5hr trail run (w/ 12.3km Race) + 1.5hr easy run
Location: Dundas Valley 5 Peaks
Notes: Up early AM to help the S-Crew setup the expo. Look at all those shinny new demo trail runners! After a quick warmup, I was waiting for the Sport (5km) waves to start and my attention was steered away by the RedBull girls who were giving away samplers of their new drink. In the middle of a requested photo op, I realized that the Enduro (12km) elite wave was starting...s#%t! I blasted out of the start and ran through the field moving up within grasp of 2nd place, but lost energy in the final kms...finished 3rd. Good thing there was chip timing to keep track of my late start! With lots of action around the Salomon booth, I didn't get much of a warmdown, but I did get to chat live with iRun's The Running Show to talk shop!

PM workout: Drove up to Bolton, ON to stay with friends for the night - took the legs out for another spin around Humber Valley trails to build volume - Amazing singletrack out there!

Trail running in downtown Toronto? No more excuses for all you urban trail runners - the secret is out!

Sun April 25th: 3.5hrs trail run downtown Toronto
Location: Downtown Toronto
Notes: Who knew you could run in downtown Toronto for this long - all on some sweet singletrack! Ran around a 10.5km loop with Flight Crew member Ryan Barrett who guided me around his hometown trails - Feeling a bit sluggish from yesterday's race, but happy to be out exploring new terrain in such an urban setting!

Mon April 26th: Day off - Travel to Geneva - Annecy, France
Location: Markham, ON - Salomon meetings
Notes: No time to train today due to a crammed schedule and meetings all day - Late afternoon departure for Nordic/Trail running meetings in France.

Tues April 27th: 1hr road run
Location: Annecy, France
Notes: More flight delays...arrived late in Geneva - Quick transit to Annecy for late afternoon meetings, then a short run to get rid of long travel day in the legs. A beautiful evening to run along Lake Annecy. Very tired...

Wed April 28th: 2hrsw mtn run (w/ 750m elev gain)
Location: Annecy - Mt Veyrier
Notes: 11hrs stuck in a meeting room!! Exhausted. Back at the hotel at 7:30pm...hungry. Recruited the Austrian and German Product managers to come running with me after work as I needed the extra motivation to get out. Ditched them at the end to add a 750m hillclimb up Mt Veyrier, which helped make the time fly by - Found myself racing back down the mountain to beat the darkness that was quickly engulfing the forest. Deadlines back home in Canada forced another late night of work...caught myself nodding off in front of laptop. Need sleep...

Thur April 29th: 1hr Orienteering Session (group activity) + 1hr trail run
Location: Annecy - Mt Semnoz
Notes: Another 10hrs in meetings. Having a hard time to focus...Need a coffee IV. Jumped in a fun orienteering race organized by HQ - fun to do something different. Added a bit more running at the end as we waited for all the teams to come in.

A view from Mt Veyrier, and the far end of Lake Annecy (France). With the looming rainy weather in the short term forecast, the clouds started rolling in late Friday night, but the rain held off until my assault on Semnoz the following day.

Fri April 30th: 2.5hrs mtn run ( w/1,500m elev gain)
Location: Annecy - Mt Veyrier and Mt Baron
Notes: Wrapped up the meetings with an 8hr day on my butt. So happy to be done...Made a date with the Global Sports Marketing Manager to head out for a hard mtn run after work. Struggle to keep up as he hammered up the first big climb, and danced down the backside. Felt better after 2hrs of running (just warming up!). Great day with a solid 1,500m of climbing - Amazing views!

Trail markers on the way up to Semnoz - This trail system is a virtual maze and only a few hundred metres from downtown Annecy! A great playground.

Sat May 1st: 4.25hrs mtn run (1,500 elev gain)
Location: Annecy - Semnoz
Notes: Feeling great after much needed long sleep-in. One last long run for the books...It rained the entire time, but the new trails/terrain was spectacular. My route left Le Vieux Annecy, and climbed steady for 2.5hrs to the summit of Semnoz (1699m). A quick bite and turnaround back down the track to town for pizza and beer! Looking forward to going home tomorrow.

Sun May 2nd: Day Off - Travel back to Canmore, AB
Location: Annecy - Geneva - Montreal - Canmore
Notes: Home sweet home...

From one side of the Atlantic to the other - and back...One of the biggest challenges I have with training is getting out the door when I'm tired. But once I'm out there, I'm always so glad I 'forced' myself to get out! Sure you may feel sluggy, heavy, tired or even lazy after a hard day's work, this is completely normal! The key is to understand how your body/mind works when you're tired - This is as important as the training plan itself.

So I ask you now...How are you feeling? Is it a 'good' tired, or a 'bad' tired? Learn to tell the difference!

That said, I fully admit that I've been burning the candle at both ends - So it's time for me to rest!

Here are a few more pics to pass the time...

My tour guide for trail running in the big TO - Salomon Flight Crew member Ryan Barrett and his neon 'art' mobile!

At the top of Mt Veyrier with Annecy in the background. With mountains all around Annecy, this city is a great playground for all outdoor enthusiasts, wet weather or not!

Flight Crew member Patrick Goeres talks shop with a few 5 Peak-ers. Runners were eager to try out our shinny new demo fleet! With 400+ starters on hand for the first event of the series, our 40-odd pairs of demos didn't stay clean very long!

Kilian Jornet, Mountain Running superstar signs autographs in the Salomon HQ lobby - promoting his upcoming Kilian's Quest season.

Sitting outside Salomon HQ in Annecy, Mavic support vehicles await their next 'Tour' supporting the pro teams. Mavic, along with Suunto, Wilson, Arc'teryx, Precor and Salomon is also part of the Amer Sports family...


Derrick said...

Wow, crazy schedule Phil. Inspiring how you squeeze in training and make it a priority even when tired.

I think that everyone who has ever uttered the words 'I don't have time to run/train/workout' should read this post.

Phil said...

Thanks Derrick - not sure if I would duplicate this travel + work + training schedule again, but I was also very motivated to get some good quality training done. On the flip side, I have to make sure I recover before the starting up again!

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