Monday, August 30, 2010

Putting on the Work Boots

Another one bites the dust...

Not much to ramble on about this year's TransRockies Run...except to say that it was a fantastic week! After the disappointment of the Canadian Death Race, I didn't really 'plan' on putting much racing effort/focus on anything else, so instead, I took the opportunity to 'work' the event from a promotional side, and enjoy my time on the Colorado trails...

The TransRockies Run 3 actually turned out to be a perfect fit for me - and though it did manage to stir my racing 'juices', the late nights glued to my laptop as I wrestled with the task of editing my amateur trail running videos took their toll - By the end of a difficult 3 days of running, I was quite content to swap my bib for some 'work shoes'!
Gear Talk: Filming a short 'gear of the day' bit with Martin Gaffuri - See video here

For the remainder of the week, I focused primarily on pushing the Canadian teams' successes via social networks, 'producing' a few more You Tube flics, and even helped out the TRR TV production crew by sporting a GoPro camera in the last 2 stages - I took my time, and soaked in the terrain...

Chasing Marting in the final stretch to the line...figured I might as well get a workout in!

Now it's time for a bit of a break - to let the body and mind heal...(the dislocated/broken toe and body abrasions I suffered on the last-day-superman-crash while flying down a 'fun' singletrack into Avon will help this!).

- sigh -

What a great week!

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