Saturday, August 21, 2010

TransRockies Time!

So here we go again...

Can't believe how quickly time flies...I'm going to keep this one relatively zippy as tomorrow is the start of the 2010 Gore-Tex TransRockies Run - yikes!  August has been a bit of a blur for me - with my main focus having been set on the Canadian Death Race, everthing after that seemed to just idle-on by...If you've followed along, you'll know that things didn't quite go as planned.  My immediate (impulse) reaction turned to TRR, but with only 2wks to go, finding a partner would have been a bit I opted for TRR's inaugural 3-day solo version instead. 

Since 'registration day', I've pretty much thrown all 'plans' out the window and fully winged it - That said, I was sidelined for most of it, either injured or 'away' on planned weekend events.  I ran when I could, when I felt like it, and however long I wanted to - So how fit am I?  "As good as it gets" I guess I'll see after tomorrow's 35km stage!

Racing aside, I'm actually super excited to be here on more of a promotional role for Salomon this year, not only to support our Flight Crew Team members but also to help promote trail running in Canada!  TRR is an amazing trail running event, and will be a great canvas to showcase trail running to everyone back home. I'm hoping that a bit of 'off the cuff' promo down here will influence a few more Canucks to swap their 'white' shoes for ones with a bit more dirt on them ;)  Either way, after my little 3-day stint, I'll be strapping on the camera and doing a few short bits on various topics - Short, fun videos that will help give you a glimpse 'behind the (TRR) scenes'.

So stay tuned for daily recaps (where technology permits), as well as on, Facebook, Twitter, etc...Here are a few sites to plug into your 'favorites':

Salomon Running - Insiders:

Facebook - Salomon Running:
Twitter: @Salomonrunning

My morning hangout in BV - Hooked up with Flight Crew runners Tom Craik and Duncan Coo for some java!
My essential tools for the week, in no particular order...Coffee, tennis ball, and the ever painful golf ball
Km 5 tomorrow...@ 2,547m! A typical backroad in Buena Vista Highlands! 
View from Arrowhead Campground 'Resort' our home for the next few days...

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