Friday, September 14, 2007

TR Countdown: 2 Days To Go-

Race Weight (pre-spa)!...I weighed in at 147lbs after a good jacuzzi, a light swim and steam session (even while drinking water!

Everbody should go to the spa at least once in there life...

Laugh if you will, but don't knock it until you've tried it - really. Today was a scheduled day off, meaning we chilled out in the condo this morning, mostly catching up on email and even taking the time to enjoy a great relaxing visit at the Beaver Creek Spa. Then, it was off to Denver to get the RV trailer and pickup some TR equipment...a busy day, but no 'real' training. You don't end up feeling great on these days because the fatigue that your body has been keeping under submission finally gets a chance to come out. The important thing to remember is to stay confident throughout your sluggy stage, knowing that this is part of the business.

Days off are often ignored as most people think that more IS better. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes in basic training. In order to race fast, you need to rest your body appropriately - and that means not being afraid to take a day off, even if you're feeling good.

With that said, off we went to the! We were like a bunch of giggling highschool girls...(in a spa). After an hour of lounging around in a 5-star hotel spa, my body was almost turning to mush - all I needed was a giant fluffy pillow to fall asleep in...probably a good thing since I had been bouncing off the walls ealier that morning due to the anticipation of race.

Just one of the 5 outdoor Jacuzzis at Beaver Creek Resort

Good thing they found the robes...

The trip to Denver was uneventful - 400km of driving to pick up our RV, a stop at the screening shop to pickup some TR staff outfits, lunch and back we went. The highlight of the trip was listening to two hours of Paul Oakenfold beats (Chris' favorite...ha), oh, and jamming Chris' fingers in the automatic window - I'm sure I'll pay for this one during our massage session tonight.

Oops! Luckily, this isn't our RV trailer

Hopefully our trailer doesn't look like this after Chris drives it for a week!

After a glass of wine (part of the relaxing process), a great fajitas supper and some 'chill' beats, I'm almost ready for bed. I'll cap off the night with a(painful) massage to try and get my hamstring to loosen up - right now it feels like a wad of spaghetti that has been sitting on the counter for a week - not good.

Tomorrow we officially register...

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