Monday, April 14, 2008

Fast & Light-

Another snow storm this morning...great...

As much as I love skiing, i'm ready for summer! That said, my volume training still consists of about 50% skiing as I'm still in a transition phase and getting my legs back in running action. So far so good, the IT's are loose, the achilles is getting stronger and legs are starting to feel 'light' again. If the body keeps progressing, I'll crank up the running kms next week-In the meantime, I'm taking advantage of the great snow to attempt a few speed records on local mountain routes.

On Thursday, G-mac and I decided to blast around the French-Haig-Robertson Glacier Loop with our light nordic touring gear. This is a popular 'day' route with relatively 'easy' mountain terrain, with no major technical features - perfect for this fast & light recon mission. I've done this loop before with friends in 6+ hrs, but this time we pushed the pace...just for fun!A few pics from our speed ski up the French, around the Haig and back down the Robertson Glaciers...

Light gear = Fast times!

G-Mac pushes up the last hump up the Roberston Col

Roberston Col - Sun, wind, snow...

Another great day in K-Country - Robertson Col in the background.

Despite lots of trail breaking in a foot of snow and boot-packing up the Robertson Col, we completed the loop in 3h25min. There's nothing like getting a good mountain workout in, and be back at the ranch in time for lunch!

I love being able to move fast with light gear. Whether skiing or running, leave the extra gear at home, go light and cruise around loops you've never thought possible. I'm looking forward to trying this loop again when conditions are a bit faster..

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