Saturday, December 20, 2008

Updated - Blast from the Past: Bob's Crashed Ice Adventure

I'm on a 'blog roll' here...It's (still) -25C outside...Thought I'd clean up my picture folders and stumbled on this series of videos from a few years ago (Spring 2006 I think...). I've called them: "Bob's Crashed Ice Adventure". It's not the best video quality but you'll get the picture regardless...

For those of you that aren't familiar, Bob (aka head-injury Bob) is my (accident prone) trail running partner - together we've tackled a ton of long runs over the past few years as he prepares to launch his 'Trail Running in the Canadian Rockies' book. As you'll see in this series, he's always game for anything - Probably one of the reasons I like running with him!


Bob's Crashed Ice: Part 1 of 11

Bob's Crashed Ice: Part 2 of 11

Bob's Crashed Ice: Part 3 of 11

One the way up: A good perspective of how steep some of the pitches were!

That's it for now (these little videos take too long to upload)...Besides, it's warming up outside and only -24C now. Time to go skiing!


Ok....Since CK wants to see the rest of the videos, here they are...

**This one is a little fuzzy but worth showing...turn up the volume and listen to Bob's first comment

Bob's Crashed Ice: #4

Bob's Crashed Ice: #5

**Again, turn up the volume for the first part of this video b/c I'm whispering in the mic. Bob was pretty nervous here...(but peer pressure prevails!)

Bob's Crashed Ice: #6

In an effort to cut some videos (too many to show) and get right to the action, I've skipped a few clips and got rid of Bob inching his way down the first few drops. Long story short, he got over the initial jitters and we catch the action a little further down the ice...To be honest, I didn't think that he was going to grip as good as he did...

Bob's Crashed Ice: #7

These drops are much steeper than they actually look on video...Bob makes it look easy!

Bob's Crashed Ice: #8

Carnage potential here...

Bob's Crashed Ice: #9

I know, I know...I bet you're wondering what kind of safety 'procedures' we had in place...The answer: Not much. On steep continuous pitches where the drop was followed by a much longer drop, we setup a safety line much like you would find in a whitewater river. I also had a backup line (and prepared to ditch my shitty camera just in case something went wrong).

Here's Bob checking out his safety line...just in case!

Bob's Crashed Ice: #10

This shot is in the final stretch lower down the line - Bob was carying some pretty good speed as he cruised down frozen surface.

Bob's Crashed Ice: #11

...And you thought you were going to see some major crashes eh? Sorry to dissapoint...but I'm kind of glad it was a successful (and injury free) adventure. Besides, I need to keep this boy injury free so we can conquer more fun runs in the future!


Cyrus said...

Come on! Post the rest of the videos!!

The commentary is classic.

Mike said...

Loved the vid's and the great commentary, looking forward to seeing the outcome.
What could possibly go wrong with Bob, a bike & a massive freakin' chute of ice...

Cyrus said...

Just saw the updated version. SO COOL!
Bob has balls.