Monday, December 15, 2008

One of Those Days...

In case you wondering what that little speck (left of center) is lying on the's someones luggage. I'm actually surprised it wasn't mine - as I can't imagine my day getting any worse!

Here's a short recap:

- Time spent at airport: 9hrs

- Time spent at home (since returning yesterday) before going back to the airport: 15hrs

- Time before Air Canada notified me (via text) of my flight cancellation: 1min before checking in

- Number of flight cancellations for me today: 2

- Number of warnings about the potential of flight delays: 1

- Number of coffees today: 4 (#1 - at home, and #3 - good company, were the best!)

- Time spent on the computer working: 4hrs

- Time spent on the computer planning/modifying my day due to cancellations: 1.5hrs

- Time spent on the tarmac waiting for flight to leave: 1hr

- Number of kids going gonzo in front of me on airplane: 2

- Number of mothers acting paranoid about her kids safety on the flight: 1

- Number of wax clinics I had to cancel: 1 (Sorry Sigges...)

- Number of workouts today: 0 ( I knew I should have gotten up earlier!)

- Time since I left home this morning to opening hotel room door: 12hrs

- Temp difference between home (-30C) and Vancouver (0C): 30C - This is a bonus!!

- Number of beers I'm going to drink tonight: ...

OK, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic...It was a long day, yes. But I suppose it could have been worse (smiling).


Sunshine Girl said...

Don't worry, it's 2 more sleeps before you get to sleep in your own bed! I need to get me some of those snazzy Salomon compression long undies. My butt is cold.

Aaron McConnell said...

I've been wondering what you've been up to, I guess I know now! Safe travels - talk to you soon!

holly said...

Well, I did warn you :)

I hope your return flight is less exciting.

Liza said...

Way to stay positive! ;)

Hart said...

was it all weather delays?

we got some nasty weather here in seattle too. it shut town down today with icey roads.. washington natives just don't know how to drive in it.

the good news is the snow is finally here!