Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Long Johns Season!

I need to vent-

See the above picture - displayed in plain view on the outer wall of a nordic retailer in Southern Ontario - this is exactly what I'm working against... two euro looking 'dudes', prancing around in equipment that first came out in the mid 90's. And I won't even comment on their technique...WHY, is this store owner promoting this retro image of skiing??? Drives me nuts.

Nordic skiing 'enthusiasts' have a tendency to hold onto their equipment for an average of 15 to 20yrs - crazy eh? Technological advances have allowed manufacturers to make huge improvements in nordic skiing equipment over the past few years - We now have gear that is lighter, faster, offering features such as heat moldable and seamless materials, and that improves stability and control 10 fold over equipment that came out 5 yrs ago!- Imagine what the benefits are compared to a 3-pin binding and wood ski combo? I fully realize that not everyone wants 'faster and lighter', but even at the recreational level, the advances in the boot/binding systems alone, provide a warmer boot that is much more comfortable and stable than ever before, making for an even better skiing experience...

[Big Sigh...]

If you haven't guessed yet, I just finished another demo weekend, this time in Hardwood Hills, just East of Barrie in Ontario. I teamed up with 'little' Drew, the Southern Ontario sales rep, and together we cruised around the area visiting a few stores along the way. On Saturday, we offered Hardwood Hills' day skiers, a chance to try Salomon's latest/greatest equipment ranging from beginner to elite - Despite seeing our share of 'old schoolers' out there, it was good to be able to 'show the light' to many skiers, and promote a few sales along the way - a good day!

The demo boot aftermath

Skis anyone?

Back at home: No, we're not taking off our pants...but rather pulling up (and showing off) our long underwear. When the temperature dips down to -35C at night, long johns are a must!

So here I am back in Canmore...(for the day). The -30C was a bit of a no skiing today. Instead I opted for an indoor gym workout...Tomorrow I leave (again) for Vancouver/Whistler, where I'll start a 3-day Swix (Wax Clinic) Tour - I'm hoping that the coastal weather will be a bit better than the arctic front around here. Better bring my running shoes just in case...


holly said...

Those Euro looking dudes are definitely "prancing" around - that gave me quite the laugh. Sadly what they're wearing is pretty much the height of fashion right now.

Have fun in Van. If you're flying I'll bet you a dollar that your flight is delayed.

Phil said...

Oh crap - I forgot about that big snow storm...A dollar eh...? My minimum bet is usually a bottle of wine...are you game? Ha-