Friday, February 13, 2009


I love rain - but it really sucks when it falls in the middle of winter!

Eastern/Southern Ontario has been pounded by heavy rainfall warnings over the past few days, melting a big chunk of the snow cover they've accumulated thus far...but this morning I woke up to -10C, and sunny-blue skies! Guess what that means for the snow conditions??

Oh yes, and before I running partner - Head Injury Bob - is looking for photos of the following areas to fill in the gaps to his trail running book: "Mountain Running in the Canadian Rockies".

Wind Tower
Elbow Loop
Fullerton Loop
Rummel Lake
Burstall Pass
Upper Kananaskis Lake
Ha Ling
Heart Mountain (Ridgeline)
Pigeon Mountain
Mount Allan
Jura Creek
Mt Rundle
Sulphur Mountain
Healy Pass
Bourgeau Lake/Ridge
Aylmer Lookout

He will accept high quality/resolution photos of either colour or b/w. Jpeg's and Tiff files are great. Please send only good photos of the areas listed to: Shots of trails, runners, and scenery are all great!

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