Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ugh...I suppose things could be worse...

I hate feeling like shit - this week has been one of 'those' weeks where the body said: "screw you and your - I never get sick - attitude...". Well, I got sick.

I can deny all I want but what sucks the most is that I feel fine physically, except for this rasping cough that has irritated the hell out of my throat. In my attempt to prevent it from going down into my lungs I decided to take a few days off, and then a few more...which has now turned into a week-long break...sucks.

Although it's putting a dent in my R&I training, I got the most out of the week by doing a lot of work on the Salomon front (wheeling and dealing the club scene) and finally wrapping up my reno work in Calgary. But the biggest highlight of the week...my new Totos got installed...Check it out - sea shells and all!

Laugh all you want - these puppies are styling and already saving me some bucks!

In other news...After a week of staring at my laptop, I finally decided to get outside and used my latest sled prototype as my excuse to escape to the Nordic Centre. Verdict: Helmut IV sucked.

I was psyched on this version's potential. It was light, slick and efficient - so it seemed in my basement. As soon as I got out on snow it started fishtailing like crazy...argh!

So back to the drawing board...Helmut V better not disappoint.


brendaontheRun said...

Hey Phil - I've just entered blog world! Shame about the cough but you might as well rest now and come back strong from the recuperation rather than keep hammering yourself. I had some (non-related running) surgery 4 weeks back and am on the couch for another couple of weeks - getting my head around that was hard! Do you know Jason Loutitt? He used to live in Banff but is now on the West Coast? He's entered into the R&I too.
Another crazy person!! Good luck in the race and get better soon.

Hart said...

dood this is too funny. i have the same "i never get sick attitude".. and i just got sick! sux. i had 10 days in steamboat and a whole lot of plans to charge on the AT gear. then the flu and set me down on the couch for 3 whole days. the rest i was just sort out of it. ruined the whole trip.

Derrick said...

You may find that using a double pole system clamped together, then splays out to the edges where it attaches to your pulk helps prevent the fishtailing.

Also, adding runners on the bottom made a HUGE difference with mine and pulls much easier.

Phil said...

Brenda: Hey Brenda, Jason is an old roommate of mine - he used to run to Banff on the hwy from my place! You should see the sled he just built...sketchy!

Matt: I'm completely healthy, but still hacking out a lung every morning...WTF? Being sick sucks...How's the foot?

Derrick: Yeah, figured out that Helmut IV was too loose in the middle joint - hence all the fishtailing...After a good 2-hr ski on the Spray, I like my double-pole system...It might be worth trying a few more options but I think that at this point, Q-time with Helmut is the only thing that will make the R&I any easier! Thanks for the input - BTW, what did you use under your sled for runners?

Derrick said...

I used wooden dogsled runners that curve up at the front and attached them to an aluminum rail on the inside. I then added plastic dogsled runners to the bottom of the wooden runners. I was impressed the difference it made with a heavier weight and less sway.
Good luck in the final preps.