Thursday, March 5, 2009

Testing Grounds

Helmut V did not disappoint - but there's still a few tweeks to make it perfect...

The light finally clicked today when my roommate (GMac) told me he was going Kite-Skiing up on Spray Lake. "Why didn't I think of that?" High winds, barren landscape, frozen lake, cold...It's perfect testing grounds for Rock and Ice!

Helmut V on his maiden voyage

With the outside temperature hovering around -16C, and a strong windchill of -30C, this proved to be a VERY useful testing day.

Only ice fishing huts up here...

Doing 'laps' on Spray Lake - Once I skied in a track, I was laughing!

For this first excursion I didn't want to venture too far so I stuck to the 'playground' as kite-skiers were zooming back and forth. The breaking trail part wasn't super quick but once I broke in a good track, I was zooming back and forth on my 1km lap - Next time I'll go for a little adventure and maybe do a bit of bushwackin'...should be fun.

Bring on the diamond...

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