Saturday, March 14, 2009

R&I Countdown...1 Week to Go!

Sitting at the airport waiting to board on my 9pm flight back home...

Although I was secretly hoping to skip the Canadian Nationals (xc skiing) this year, it actually turned out to be a great few days of networking. The booth (see below) wasn't exceptionally busy but the point of the trip was to track down athletes, coaches, club officials, order to let them try out the new gear. For that reason alone, it was worth going!

Training wise, the past few days weren't great - at least it gave me a chance to get rid of the remaining coughing fits I was having...With one week to go until the first stage, there's not much I can do at this point (for training) that will make me perform better - it's all in the preparation and planning now!

It was -51C with windchill in Yellowknife yesterday...wicked.

My home for the past 3 days - Showing off the new nordic product line - dig it.

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