Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Interview

I need a good cup of coffee for this one-

"Sure, interview me" I said. What's the worst thing she could possibly ask...

If you're new to the game, here's how it works. I tagged myself in
Holly's blog, and she fired back 5 questions of her choice. If you're game and want to be subjected to 5 (potentially embarrassing) questions of MY choosing, then simply ask me! Directions on how to play are at the bottom.

1.) What injury do you fear most? Explain.

I suppose that any serious injury causing long-term disabilities and preventing me from an active lifestyle would be devastating - But like most, I'm sure I would adapt and find some other outlet to satisfy my adventurous tendencies...
Otherwise, I'm always a bit paranoid in the spring time when I start running again as I tend to get a plagued by tons of little nagging leg/knee injuries - Do I fear them? Not really I guess...They're just a pain!

2.) What annoys you most about competing in any event (regardless of the sport)? Why?

Bad course marking: This is my all-time most annoying point in sport - I've gone off route a few times due to bad course marking and was not a happy camper as I crossed the finish line. It's not that hard people.
Put yourself in the participants' position and ask yourself: "Is this junction crystal clear?" If the answer is"no", fix it - If the answer is "yes", move on to the next intersection...

Stupid questions: People have this tendency to geek out on certain/most technical aspects of sport and end up asking too many damn questions the days leading up to (or morning of) the event. Now let's be clear - It's important to ask questions as some events require you to do so - especially an event you haven't competed in before. All I'm saying is 'think before you ask' - and asking the RIGHT questions is what matters. It's taking that question to the extreme that annoys me. Things like what type of underwear to wear - when it's 0C outside...Things like what to eat - when it's a 10km race...Things like where should you pin your bib - when you've really only got 2 options (shorts/shirt). I think you get the idea...

Competition Awards/cotton t-shirts: Some people like medals - I don't - a waste of money in my mind...I think that some categories (kid's and masters) should continue to offer some type of trinket that rewards your participation in the event - If this turns out to be a medal or a plaque then so be it. But why not something more practical...I went to a race in Scandinavia when I was 17 - first place was a Reindeer, like the Santa Claus kind... (really). I think they also gave a ice fishing auger, a lawnmower, a clock (my prize), a drill...etc. No medals - just practical household items. Why not go to Ikea and pick up 300 spoons for your next event? How much can a spoon cost? Probably cheaper than a medal and definitely less than a t-shirt. Everybody uses spoons...Personally, I would love to get a spoon in my participant package - I'd use it for sure!

3.) What is the most trashy TV show that you indulge in? Why?

I don't actually watch TV (no cable or reception)...but I do tend to watch what others describe as 'bad' movies on a regular basis. O
n the road I tend to get sucked in to late night cheesy action/thriller movies (like Road House, The Fly, Rambo, etc...) - you get the picture. Despite the fact that I've potentially seen this movie about half a dozen times already, I continue to watch them well through the night...only to shut off the TV at 2:29am and wonder: "Why the s*** did I just watch this stupid movie again?"

4.) If you could have dinner with one person that you have never met, who would it be? Explain.

I really enjoy conversations with individuals that have 'experienced' a level of adventure in their life that surpasses the norms of the common adventurer. It's these fantastical tales that surround an epic adventure that truly intrigue me and motivate me to keep pushing my own limits. That said, I'd love to share a few pints with world class nordic skier/adventurer Vegard Ulvang, not only because of his legendary status in the sport of xc skiing, but along the way he as also added numerous polar expeditions to his resume while competing at the elite level. I actually exchanged a few words with him in Finland years ago, but I wouldn't say that this would be considered 'meeting' him since the extend of my conversation was "Hi"...

5.) Given the choice, would you rather start Tae-Bo or exercising to Richard Simmons exercise videos? Explain.

Tae-Bo I guess, although I would have to find someone to join me on the daily (?) workouts simply because I have a super hard time motivating myself to these types of workouts. Even as I was chasing the elite circuit, I craved for the military style of training in the weight room where a bunch of guys would be lined up all pushing each other - and my coach's vigilant eye watching over us. Knowing myself, I think I would have a really hard time hearing Richard Simmons' high pitch voice telling me how good I should feel about myself while doing jumping jacks to some bad 80's tune. Not gonna happen-

Thanks Holly - a good way to spend a lazy Sunday morning...

To play along:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by giving you five questions. (I get to pick the questions!)
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


holly said...

I hear you on the bad course marking, dude. That's incredibly annoying.

I had a ridiculous visual of you do jumping jacks wearing terribly short-shorts and a tank top that said "candy kills" on it with the Richard Simmons stuff though:)

Thanks for playing!

Aaron Anderson said...


.......I'll likely regret this but....interview me.

This will be the perspective of the plodder!