Sunday, May 3, 2009

Don't Forget Your Passport!

I hate that sinking feeling you get when you suddenly realize you've forgotten something's say...your passport!

Yep - I forgot it.

It's Thursday morning, and I've just boarded a plane bound for Toronto for a day of meetings before continuing my flight Eastward to France - What's the big deal? This is was to be an introduction to the product management component of my job...

Meanwhile, back on the plane...In an instant my brain moved into overdrive and started sorting out my options...which were limited as best since the plane was already moving! I quickly called my roommate to ship the passport to Toronto. A few anxious hours later, I received a text upon arriving in YYZ: Shipped it UPS there at 10:30am tomorrow morning.

No sweat.

Friday midday came around and still no passport...The tracking search said it was last scanned in Calgary. Not good. Starting to get nervous, I called UPS...Houston, we have a problem...UPS couldn't find it - NOT GOOD!

Long story short, despite numerous attempts to track down the missing package, and a UPS search party taking on the job of sifting through the entire UPS warehouse until 11pm on Friday night, my passport never made it and I had to cancel my flight to France...bummer.

I suppose you only do something like this once in your life.

So instead of going to France, I went to Ottawa for a quick 4 day visit with the folks. Besides, a quick check of the weather back home showed nothing but snow for 3 days...I was quickly enticed by the +28C in Ottawa the next day.

Turned out to be a good detour, adding a bit of business to the side trip as well as lots of running and running around.

Although it's always nice to come home, I miss the O-town weather...It's still cool-ish in Canmore and with no signs of a warm sun in the forecast. Ugh...

Common Mother Nature - Give us a break!

Testing out 'Orange-Man' trail at the Canmore Nordic Centre - Lower half is good, upper still has lots of snow. Saw some fresh bear tracks...time to start packin' the bear spray!

Rode the Minnewanka trail out to the ranger cabin - beautiful. Most of the track was dry and in great shape - the only exception was the first few kms which were quite muddy. Took a good biff on the way down to the bridge...It's not a good ride unless you have a bit of blood to show off afterwards!


Derrick said...

Very jealous of the photos of your trails. Amazing! Sara may have a conference in Canmore in Oct, so we hope to get able to sample some of them then. And I won't even need my passport:)

Phil said...

Cool - let me know once you're both welcome to stay at my place if you want. As long as the snow stays away, there's some great running at that time of the year!

Mike said...

Bummer about the passport, my experiences with UPS are equally horrible. Good to see the trails opening up though, we might actually get a headstart on Summer this year. 14 weeks instead of 12...