Sunday, April 26, 2009

Grand Opening of The Salomon Store!

If you happen to be passing through Toronto in the next bit, I'd highly recommend you swing by the New Salomon Store at The Shops at Don Mills, a new 'concept' mall that just opened in the past week. The Salomon Brand Store is the first one of it's kind in North America, owned exclusively by Salomon - Other partner products included in the store are SkullCandy, Suunto, Smith and Red Bull! (note: There are 2 other Salomon Stores, one in Whistler Village, and another in Mont Tremblant, but these are different in that they partly owned/operated by Intrawest)

Since I was in the neighbourhood for a little biz, I was invited to take part in their first promo event where Salomon friends/family stopped by for a fun social night to help promote and celebrate their latest project.

The store is cool and was packed with all the footwear, apparel and gear that Salomon Canada distributes - It was actually pretty neat to see all our gear displayed in one location - a great opportunity for a one-stop shop! Check out some pics of the grand opening!

Where's Waldo? Can you spot the new Salomon Store?
(photo credit: Virginie Tisseau)

Here's a closer look...
(photo credit: Virginie Tisseau)

Somehow I got roped into filling in as a bouncer w/ Mike - Tough crowd these Salomon shoppers - Not sure how our combined weight of 300lbs would fare against a real crowd, but I'm happy to report that no incidents occurred during my shift!
(photo credit: Virginie Tisseau)

Shoes anyone? A glimpse at the Salomon footwear 'wall' - I think there was only one missing shoe from the entire Salomon line-up...

Inside the Salomon Store...
(photo credit: Virginie Tisseau)

Even Red Bull showed up to help kick off the festivities - The crew gets busy setting up the DJ booth

The Red Bull girls showing off their stuff-

The Salomon Store crew, and the key Salomon staff members that helped build the store - Great work team!
(photo credit: Virginie Tisseau)

I just hung out by the cheese/dessert section - a bit of 'fat loading' for the 5 Peaks race the following day... (photo credit: Virginie Tisseau)


T. said...

sooooo jealous. I used to live just a short drive from Toronto growing up as a kid. Now I wish I was still there to check out the new store!!!!

Anonymous said...

How do you do it? Guest list of the Salomon Store....5 Peaks Race in Chicopee.

When I die, I want to come back as you!!