Thursday, August 20, 2009

From TR Bike to TR Run!

There's no rest for the wicked...

TransRockies Bike...check. TransRockies Run...incoming-

With a 2-day turnaround between bike and run, there's no time to screw around. With the last mountain biker across the finish line in Fernie, the trucks were loaded up and sent back to Calgary to return all equipment and personnel back to the city. This year, we actually thought ahead and sent one lone soldier from Fernie to Colorado with a truck full of tents that will serve to house our TR Run participants.

I headed back to Calgary to oversee the equipment returns - and managed to get a solid night's sleep in my own bed before hoping on the plane to Denver, CO so I could prep for the 2009 Gore-Tex TransRockies Run!

With most of my responsibilities aimed at making sure that the TR Bike event goes off without a hitch, I'm lucky to be able to 'tag along' with the TR Run staff as they prepare for the upcoming event. Although I try to help out a bit here and there, the crew is very good at giving me some time to rest up and be as well prepared as possible so I can hammer the run (thanks Kev!).

Avon, Colorado - Stage 6 actually comes down the drainage left of center, and then runs back up to the finish at Beaver Creek Resort!

At 2,300m in altitude, Beaver Creek Resort is not the ideal place to get back in shape, but not the worst either! Immediately upon arrival, I went for an easy run to stretch the legs and start pumping out those red blood cells. Surprisingly, the run felt good - good enough to set a positive tone for the week to come. 5 days to go...

View of one of the runs lined with Aspens at Beaver Creek

After a couple days of running around the valley, I definitely feel like the body is coming back. Although I tried my best to hold my form during TR Bike, the 15hr days and constant go-go-go inevitably takes its toll...Regardless, aside from a few stiff kinks in my body, I'm feeling good (nothing a few good nights sleep and lots of stretching won't fix!).

Thursday...3 days to go!

Gavin arrived today...with the rest of the 'cool' kids from TR crew. Unfortunately, Gavin's luggage never got on the flight so he had to squeeze into some of my shoes to go for a run - Hopefully it turns up tonight. Otherwise, we'll have to poch the Salomon truck for some extra swag to gear him up!! (not a bad alternative)

The next few days will be pretty chill - Tomorrow we head to BV (Buena Vista) and set up shop in our host town for Stage 1. I'd like to check out the new course - either way, we'll squeeze in a few runs and a bit of work...just enough to keep to the mind from running away on us! Gavin is feeling fit and I'm psyched to have him on board for this year. I've always wanted to have a skier (wannabe runner) as my running partner and I've finally found one that was fit and keen...

The competition will be stiff this year - no doubt. The US is full of strong runners and everyone thinks they can win...It's kind of nice to be a relative 'unknown' at this event, we'll do our own thing - pace of the best and see what happens - Anything can happen in a 6-day race and sometimes it's not the fittest that come on top, but the ones that can endure the most over the course of a difficult week. One of the elements I hope will be on our side is the weather...Gavin and I both love adverse weather. Rain, snow, sleet, wind...whatever it is - we love it. The forecast calls for pain...uh, I mean rain for most of the week - If enough rain falls, it could affect some teams - but not us. I'm sure this could become an advantage for us skiers as the week progresses... Either way - it's bound to be a fun week!


rumon said...

Great report. Give 'em hell, brother.

Anonymous said...

Yo Phil, You and Gavin will be a killer team! Looking forward to following along.
- Mike A

brendaontheRun said...

Good luck Phil!

Tom Craik said...

Have a great time down there, Phil. Smile and run. Maybe next year Duncan and I will run TR too. Looks amazing!