Sunday, December 27, 2009

PV Year Review

Deja vu...

It seems like I've been packing (and unpacking) lots over the past year. Actually, most of the time I barely unpack - I simply wash the dirty contents of my duffel leaving the 'unused' portion for my next departure only a few days away...I'm not kidding.

I thought it would be interesting to put down a few highlights of this past year to see if it really was as busy as I thought it was. So here it goes, in no particular order...A few random digits a la PV:

  • Number of flights within Canada (round trip): 12

  • Number of flights across the border: 2

  • Number of flights across the pond: 1

  • Number of missed flights due to a lost passport: 1
  • Number of lost bags in transit: none
  • Kms driving: too many to count

  • Furthest drive for a trail run: Whistler, BC (10hrs)

  • Biggest detour due to road closures (avalanche): Road closures in Golden and Salmo, forced me South where further closures forced me to detour through the Idaho-US to get to Kelowna for an on-snow demo day. Managed to pass through customs without a passport and a truck full of ski gear - Drove all night and arrived on-time at 9am at the Telemark Ski Club.

  • Speeding tickets: Luckily...only 1 ($175)
  • Parking tickets: 1 (I'm more irritated about this one...$45)
  • Real Estate: Bought my first rental property in Calgary
  • Number of ski marathons last winter: 6

  • Prize for 2nd place at the Rock and Ice Ultra: handshake... (1st place was a diamond)

  • Finished a 12hr Adventure Race in 12h30min...

  • Number of trail running shoes I have on rotation: 8 pairs

  • Number of trail races I completed: many
  • Number of road race I entered: none
  • Number of sport related injuries: 4

  • Number of non-sport related injuries: none

  • Most number of nights at home/month: 22 nights (May, June and October)

  • Least number of nights at home/month: 7 nights (December)
  • Number of months where I skied on snow: 9
  • Number of days surfing: 12 (definitely not enough!)
  • Number of Work related Sales Meetings: 5
  • Number of events organized: 4
  • And finally....Number of blog posts this year: 49 (including this one)

This is all I could think of off the top of my head - I'm sure there are countless other numbers floating around that would put an entire different spin on this year...Busy? Damn rights it's been busy...But no matter how I read the numbers...It's been an amazing year.

I can't wait for next year...

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jrmaheu said...

Love reading you Phil, keep posting :) J'ai lu les r├ęcits de tes 3 TRR, excellent !