Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Advance Week Day 3: Exo Photo Gallery

It's not often you get a chance to rub shoulders with some of the best trail runners in the world...

Day 3 was a doozy - I have to admit that following today's dual session, I'm wiped. With a couple of good days under my belt chasing the UK boys (Andy and Ricky) around Ventoux, today's footwear test day was hard. So instead of spending half the night reviewing my proper grammar and sentence structure, I figure I'd make life easy for myself and just put up few pics of the day - So enjoy!

12 countries were represented in this morning's run - la creme de la creme - This Exo clad group hooked up for 2 fantastic canyon runs, for a total of 3hrs of hard running - all while comparing the S-LAB family...S-LAB 1, 2 and 3.

Blurry Canyon or blurry photo? No time to stop with this lot...ok, no stopping until the team leader stops! As we climbed up the canyon, we ran under a few cool rock formations like this one. I'll have to go back tomorrow and stop for some more photos!

Canadian Running Mag editor, Michal Kapral (far left) joined us last night and was eager to hit the trails with our group. The crew takes a pit stop as we made our way up one of the lower summits of Ventoux.

Top of the world? Not quite...Just another photo op location as we waited for a few runners to catch back to the pack - There are so many trails on Ventoux that one could easily get lost...or make their run a bit longer than planned...

Not just another pit stop - Felix (at right, black shirt/socks) asked for 'on-the-fly' feedback on the S-LAB 3. Felix is the main tester for all of Salomon's footwear products. So if you have any issues with your shoes, blame him! (ha)

What goes up, must come down! After a long grinding uphill, the downhill was a welcome relief.

I caught this photo on the fly...Felix chased me for a bit because I made fun of his shoes! Ok, not really...I broke out of the pack to get a photo of the group but he thought I was trying to sprint away, and chased me down.

Back at the ranch - time for some homework!


Derrick said...

Pretty neat stuff Phil. Thoroughly enjoying your reports.

Anonymous said...

what happened to the girls ? Do they live in another dorm ?

Phil said...

Derrick: Thx for following - Ran up Ventoux today - an epic run, a great mix of all types of terrain....including lots of snow!

Girls...Good question. All the athletes were divided in 3 groups, and my group (unfortunately) didn't have any girls - so our training/testing sessions have been a bit of a 'sausage' fest - The girls joined us today up Ventoux.