Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Calm Before the Storm

It's been a nice run...

I've really enjoyed being tucked away back home in the mountains these past few weeks. A nice change after a jam-packed summer. But after reserving a string of flights for my upcoming 10-day Nordic Retail Tour, it suddenly hit me...Winter is only a few weeks away!

YYC -> YYZ -> YUL -> Drive to Quebec City -> YUL -> YQT -> YOW -> YYZ -> YYC

Sounds like fun eh? And that's only the first of many trips...I think things start to ease up around mid-December -sigh-

My home away from home...the airport (and yeah, I'm the guy taking 3 benches while he sleeps!)
Despite the extensive travel schedule, I'm actually super excited to hit the road and do my thing - I really do love it - and feel lucky that I've been able to shape my business around my lifestyle and passion.
Seems like every year I (try to) tell myself that "This year, I won't travel as much...", and then the events, tours, meetings, clinics and races start popping up: "Wait a second...I thought I said it wasn't going to be a busy winter?" Let's face it - For those of you that know me, I'm always 'busy'. But I've come to understand that I actually enjoy having a certain level of 'busy-ness' in my life. Then again, sitting in my (yes, MY) hammock with a book in one hand and a cold Corona in the other isn't so bad either ;)

Fall running on the RockWall trail...pure bliss!
The fall running season is usually one of my favorite times of the year, but this mystery intercostal (rib) pull/tear injury I suffered a few weeks managed to put a big dent on my running plans, putting me out of commission for a good 2 weeks! On the flip side, since I couldn't do much except for work so I actually managed to get ahead of the game, and feel ready to tackle the final tasks before the snow flies!
I think I've accepted the fact that my trail 'racing' season is over - but that doesn't mean that there isn't lots of trail running still left to do. If the weather holds over the next few weeks, I've got some fun runs planned up high in and around my trips.  And of course, I'll definitely be dragging along my dirty shoes so I can hit random trails along the way...

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