Monday, December 27, 2010

Life's a Blur...

Sometimes, there's not much you can do...just hold on, and wait for the ride to stop.

For someone who likes to blog, I can't say that I've been done a very good job at keeping the streak going...then again, it's not the only thing that has fallen through the cracks in the past few months.

How does one recap almost 3 months of pedal-to-the-metal activity in one blog? Only one option here...a photo gallery recap of course!

So in no particular order - here are a few random photos to give you a glimpse into the 'life of PV'...

Spent a bit of time in and around Silver Star Mountain...The idea was to try and coach a bunch of keen master skiers from all over North America, but it had been so long since I had been on snow that I failed miserably! least I got to put in lots of hours on snow, do a few demos and drink a bit of wine ;)

Woke up one morning only to realize I was lost in China-Town...Took me a while to get my bearings, but after one of the best rice bowls I've had in my life, I found my way back to my hotel.

Spotted this weird car following me...At first I thought it was a weird science project, but then realized it was the Google Maps vehicle!  I tried pretty hard to get the driver's attention and get my funny looking mug on their 'street view' camera, but he was too busy texting.

I kind of like this photo...makes me look like I had something important to say...I don't think anyone was listening.

I came to the realization that getting caught in a Montreal snowstorm is only slightly better than being stuck in a Toronto snowstorm. 

One of my top pet-peeves...road splatter - especially after you spend $7 cleaning your truck.

Went to jail. 

My boat ride to jail.

No, this isn't my 'friend' in jail...(weird how these photos loaded themselves in this order)...Believe it or not, this guy was the security guard at one of the sporting goods store we did a running 'thing' at South of the border. I gave him the bat to fit the part.

Did 3x3min intervals on the Golden Gate night. 

Helped out a few competitor brands do some product testing.  Check out these new booties they were testing - sweet!

Got lost on a few ski trails...

Bought some big tires, jacked up my truck, and now every time there's a snowstorm, I drive out to shopping  mall parking lots and do donuts all night long.

The real reason I've got a big'ass truck.

Checked up on a few nordic shops to make sure they had enough stock to make it through our long winters...

I always wondered why the French designed their Exo product line with a honeycomb pattern...symbol of strength? Either way, now all I see everywhere is 'honeycomb' patterns...this was a cross-walk in Gatineau, QC.

Had the biggest plate of the "best ribs in the world"...I was full for days. Really.

Found one of the few remaining pairs of Bonna cross-country skis, Canada's only (?) ski manufacturer to ever make it big! I actually asked this company for sponsorship when I was 17 or 18...Got denied.

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